Woolly Mammoth Ivory Ammolite Flare Necklace

SKU: 11-2173



Ancestors of the modern Elephant, the extinct Woolly Mammoth roamed around in herds about 40,000 years ago. A recent dramatic increase in Elephant poaching makes it more important than ever to support ethical alternatives.

Woolly Mammoths have been extinct for about 11,000 years, but their tusks have been well preserved in the permafrost of the northern regions they used to roam. They left behind high quality ivory and no animals have to be harmed to source it. All the ivory used by Mammoth Ivory Impressions comes from the Klondike mining area of the Yukon Territory, Canada.

The ‘Dima’ line features Woolly Mammoth ivory surrounded by colorful veins of Ammolite, vibrant resin or crushed Semi-precious stone.

Size: 3.5 x 1.5 cm

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