Helping Paw Bearfoots Shelf Sitter

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With Helping Paw Bear sitting on your shelf, it's kind of like having a friend on your shoulder. Great inspiration to remind us all that sometimes we need to lend a helping paw to others.

Shelf sitter home accent looks great partially hanging over shelf arrangements and mantels. Measures approximately 10 x 5 inches. Hand-cast resin material creates a highly detailed replica of the original artisan carving.

Created by artist Jeff Fleming, the popular Bearfoots collection of happy-go-lucky black bears tell stories of special moments and fun times shared in the great outdoors with family and friends.

The jovial bears are depicted doing a variety of human activities and come to life in detailed carved wood. Available in functional pieces, these home décor accessories are perfect for collectors and outdoor explorers with a taste for fun and whimsy.

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