Purple Mountains and Moon Print by Deb Lestenkof 11x14"

SKU: 23-0573



"Life is but a journey and this one will be the most colorful one yet."

A whimsical Far North wonder by Alaskan artist Deb Lestenkof.

Note About the Artist

We are saddened to lose an Alaskan artist whose bright, bold, and whimsical scenes from the Far North held a sense of wonder and magic.

Deb Lestenkof (Deb’s Creative Paws) was born with chronic kidney failure and never took a single day for granted. (She passed away February 20, 2022 after a prolonged battle with COVID.)

Of her outlook on life and artistic process, Deb said: “Each day I am thankful for the air I take into my lungs. I paint with gratitude, for others and appreciation for my environment. I seek to capture the beauty that surrounds us and constantly surprised with what my art says to me. In this way, the painting creates me, not the other way around.”

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