Bite Size Biscotti 13oz

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Can't decide which flavor you want? This assortment of four flavors is perfect for you. This assortment includes:

Alaskan Birch: Kahiltna's birch brittle in our classic biscotti recipe, topped with rich dark chocolate.

Almond: Traditional flavor of almond & anise dipped in dark chocolate. A perfect starting point for biscotti.

Blueberry: A taste of Alaska with blueberries sweet and perfectly dipped in delicious white chocolate.

Cranberry: This bite is slightly tart due to the delicious berries, and top it all off with white chocolate for a sweet finish.

Perfect for sharing with friends, adding to a charcuterie board, or having a little flavor exploration of your own.

What makes Tonia's biscotti unique:

Italian cookies are less sweet than American cookies. Their flavor comes from natural ingredients like nuts, fruits, seeds, and essences which take the part of sugar. Tonia's recipe perfects the crunchieness of biscotti without being too hard!

The small team of bakers and staff at Tonia's Biscotti lovingly do everything by hand, from rolling dough, cutting biscotti, chocolate dipping, to packaging orders.

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