Alaskan Birch and Dark Chocolate

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Who says brittle is just for the holidays? These delectable treats take our classic biscotti recipe and combine it with Kahiltna's rich birch almond brittle to create a perfect combo. We dip the whole thing in smooth dark chocolate to create a fantastic finish.

Pairing Suggestion: French press or a dark black tea.

What makes Tonia's biscotti unique:

Italian cookies are less sweet than American cookies. Their flavor comes from natural ingredients like nuts, fruits, seeds, and essences which take the part of sugar. Tonia's recipe perfects the crunchieness of biscotti without being too hard!

The small team of bakers and staff at Tonia's Biscotti lovingly do everything by hand, from rolling dough, cutting biscotti, chocolate dipping, to packaging orders.

Ingredients: Flour, eggs, salt, almonds, birch syrup bark, dark chocolate, and spices

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