Chaga Chunks 4 oz.

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A perfect introduction to nature’s perfect anti-oxidant! The Arctic Chaga chunks are harvested ethically at -40 degrees to ensure that they give you the most benefits for your money. The cold helps aid in the encapsulation of countless vitamins and minerals while also giving the Arctic Chaga chunks a woodsy taste. 

Made in Alaska.

Appetite Suppressant

Replacing your daily dose of caffeine with chaga works the way green tea helps suppress your appetite and acts as a natural energy booster.

Appetite suppressants have been seen to have a substantial impact on weight reduction when dealing with obesity. Habitual overeating while binging shows or prolonged periods of inactivity leads to those extra pounds of weight.

About Arctic Chaga:

To ensure the highest quality, Arctic Chaga products are made from only the finest quality Chaga mushrooms, wild-harvested and hand-picked in the interior forests of Alaska. This promises that you will receive the freshest products, with the highest antioxidant levels, making Arctic Chaga the premium choice for all your Chaga needs.

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