Iditarod Adventures - Tales from Mushers Along the Trail

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The most famous race in Alaska with fans all over the world, the Iditarod is considered by many to be more of a physical challenge than climbing Mount Everest. Since the first race in 1973, no two contests have been the same, and mushers face some of the harshest conditions Mother Nature has to offer, from bone-chilling temperatures of more than sixty below to paralyzing blizzards and even driving rain. That combined with the sleep deprivation and the urgency to be the first to reach the burled arch in Nome make for an extreme sport like no other.In Iditarod Adventures, renowned sports-writer Lew Freedman profiles twenty-three mushers -- men, women, Alaska Natives, some relatively new to the demanding sport, and seasoned veterans, many of whom are so well-known in Alaska that fans refer to them only by their first names. Also included are interviews with administrators who organize the event and make sure it happens every year, volunteers, and others whose connection to the Iditarod is self-evident even if they don't have an offical title.214 pages.

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