Peanut Power Races to Nome

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Join the legendary superhero, Peanut Power, as he takes on the challenges and adventures of The Last Great Race, Alaska's famous Iditarod. Along with his troop of 13 remarkable sled dogs, Peanut Power faces over 900 miles of frozen tundra, fierce snowstorms and temperatures cold enough to freeze kibble solid. Armed with the help of his many friends and family, Peanut Power manages to mush on and overcome many obstacles on his way to the finish line. Peanut Power and his team cross paths with Dalzell, a huge Alaskan moose, who shows them that sometimes those we think are our enemies can become our greatest friends. Goober, the runt of the team, replaces Walnut the lead dog after he is trampled by Dalzell. Goober learns the strongest power to finish a race is the indomitable spirit to never give up Read the full story to follow Peanut Power's adventure to Nome and find out who wins this exciting race.

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