Moose Alaska 3D Postcard

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Check out this bull moose in lenticular 3D. Created by a small, family-owned business based in Oregon.

Lenticular products were transformed in the last decade by the exponential growth of computer power to manipulate graphic images. “Lenticular” is the name of a plastic lens with tiny, parallel lines that can make an image appear to be 3-D or shift with another image. Printed lenticular products can result in one of three types of effects: 3-D, flip, or animation. Using specialized software, a 3D image is created by modeling or ‘slicing’ one photo into 17 separate layers. The flip effect uses two photos. The lenticular lens flips from one to the other as the product is shifted up and down or from side to side.

The digital data from the selected photos is converted into a file which prints in reverse on the back side of a plastic lenticular lens. The printing process combines the 3-D model layers so a person with two eyes can see different layers of the image at the same time. Each eye sees a slightly different layer of digital data at the same place on the image, creating the impression of a 3-D effect. The combination of all 17 graphic layers makes the product appear three-dimensional. 

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