Octopus Alaska Magnetic Bottle Opener

SKU: 52-0710



This Octopus Bottle Opener by Blue Moose Metals is a unique way to show off your passion for inky water goats and drinking! These bottle openers are a perfect gift for just about anyone who has ever enjoyed a beer or cider and for people who simply enjoy unique, quality design and handcrafted American-made goods. They come beautifully packaged on sturdy 5x7 chipboard that makes them a perfect gift or souvenir.

These magnetic bottle openers are cut from 100% steel, with a heavy duty magnet, to be proudly displayed in any kitchen, bar, or mancave all while withstanding a lifetime of popping tops.

Coated in clear lacquer to prevent rust. Beautifully packaged on a 5x7 chipboard card.

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