Biker Shrimp Notecard

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Welcome to the wonderful world of the Shrimp Whisperer. Because the world needs more shrimp art.


My name is Al Laudert, and I am The Shrimp Whisperer. I live in beautiful Valdez, Alaska, which is where my shrimping journey began. When making my first shrimp pots with a co-worker we couldn’t have anticipated what would follow! It didn’t take long to realize harvesting shrimp just wasn’t enough.

I started photographing these talented creatures over 15 years ago, staging my “models” in activities which have evolved to where we are today. After the first thousand photos or so, my daughters encouraged me to do something with them. They needed to be shared with the world!

These photographs are not Photoshopped, every shot is staged with real shrimp-sized props!

I hope you enjoy my work!

- Al Laudert
Valdez, Alaska

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