Smiling Sea Otter and Puffin Notecard

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5x7 notecard with envelope

About the Artist:

Derek Collins grew up in Alaska. His family moved to Aleknagik in 1979. He lived in the school and would sit in his pajamas and eat cheerios while he watched the older kids learn their alphabet.

He loved his Schwinn Scrambler and almost sank into a bog once while trying to save it. He refused to let go of the bike and the relationship continued.

Basically, he grew up playing in the woods with his brother and friends.

Later, his family moved to Anchorage, but the childhood spent in Bristol Bay had a lasting impression.

Native culture, in general, tends to be very tactile and creative. Derek loved making baskets, carving, and doing all of the traditional crafts that he was introduced to. Derek has continued to pursue art throughout his life. Whether it be painting, drawing, knitting, blacksmithing, or sculpting, he always creates.

Derek has sold fine art paintings and drawings for over 30 years. He has creating storyboard layouts for cinema companies such as One Eye Bird and Brianfarm, the former including a PSA film for the US Army. He has also done concept work, including vehicle design work for proposed Ken Block vehicles. In Anchorage, he has done design work for local business’ such as Alaska Mill and Feed as well as the Anchorage Zoo.

Derek's other love is being outside in the woods and mountains. Much of his art reflects this.

Derek and Liz, his wife, have two children. They try and get the kids out into the mountains as much as possible. Derek's hope is that they will grow to love their time alone in the woods with the buzz of mosquitos in their ears and the rich, thick smell of muskeg in their nostrils.

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