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Forget-Me-Not Scrimshaw Ivory Earrings
Jade Pear Pendant
Handcrafted Fireweed Dangle Earrings
Aurora Mobius Earrings
Forget-Me-Not Moose Pin
Anchorage Alaska Map Tie Tack
Dangle Bear Charm
Silver Whales Bead Charm
Dog Team Polymer Square Bracelet
Alaska Bead Charm
Eskimo Bead Charm
Jade & Hematite Earrings
Glass Fireweed Necklace with Bead Chain
Ivory Tooth Necklace On Cord
Anchor AK Map Necklace
Fireweed ak Necklace
Save $10
Lovebirds Totemic Sterling Silver Ring
Save $14.50
Eagle Wrap Totemic Sterling Silver Ring
AK Flag Goldie Moose Pin
Whale's Tail Jade Pendant
Save $16
Lovebirds Totemic Heart Pendant
Mammoth Ivory & Turquoise Pendant
Green Jade Float Necklace with Gold Wire

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