Free Bear Hugs Bearfoots Figurine 2.5x4.5"

SKU: 22-0421



Welcoming you with open arms.

How nice to be held in a warm embrace even with a little bear hug tension leaves without a trace.

There's nothing like a big bear hug from someone who cares. This heartwarming sculpture of a bear offering free bear hugs is an uplifting addition for any home décor. A thoughtful and heartwarming gift to let someone know you care.

Created by artists Jeff Fleming, the popular collection of happy-go-lucky black bears tell stories of special moments and fun times shared in the great outdoors with family and friends.

The jovial bears are depicted doing a variety of human activities and come to life in detailed carved wood. Available in functional pieces, these home décor accessories are perfect for collectors and outdoor explorers with a taste for fun and whimsy.

Sentiment: How nice to be held in a warm embrace Even with a little bear hug, tension leaves without a trace.

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