Alaska Pure Sea Salt Wild Blueberry

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Infused with only hand picked Wild Alaskan Blueberries.

Wild blueberry salt flakes brighten up almost all desserts from chocolate brownies to fruit sorbets and adds a beautiful punch of color. It is perfect with salads, fruit and wild game such as duck or venison.

Alaska Pure Sea Salt Co. started early one morning in April of 2000 on the wood stove of a remote Alaska cabin. While celebrating their first anniversary, the creators woke to find sea salt forming on the surface of a pan of sea water that had been left on the wood stove overnight. Every April, the couple returns to the same wilderness cabin and make "anniversary" salt for use in their kitchen. There they realized they couldn't resist pursuing this salt discovery even further.

Back home in Sitka, Alaska, they spent years lugging jugs of sea water up a steep harbor ramp. They survived backaches, headaches, and probably could have used some marriage counseling. They tested and refined batch after batch. Finally, they created the right balance of science and artistry that resulted in the perfect flake salt. Soon, it was being used by some of the nation's best chefs. Now, they are proud to offer it to you.

Alaska Pure Sea Salt is created with a passion for great food, wild places, the pristine Alaska waters and, of course, each other. We hope you enjoy this hand crafted salt with as much enthusiasm in which it is produced.

Net wt 4oz. Made in Alaska.

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