Fireweed Alaskan Raw Honey 16 oz

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Called the “Champagne of Honey," fireweed honey is made from bees that are near acres of fireweed fields. This raw, unpasteurized honey brings a unique, light, and natural taste to any cup of tea. 

In cold weather - even when there’s no frost, raw unfiltered Alaskan honey will solidify. In the summers, the temperature of the hive is around 125°F due to the movement of the bees.

Some raw honey becomes crystalized in lower temperatures depending on the flowers the bees collect nectar from. The higher the sugar content of the flowers/plants, the easier it is for the honey to be solid at normal - or even higher, temperatures. For example, there is honey in Africa, where it’s typically 100°F, and the honey is chiseled out because it’s solid. The markets in those communities won’t buy liquid honey because they think it’s watered down. They are used to having very high sugar and sweetness in those honey with very low water content. They will add honey to soup, tea, or coffee, which have a boiling temperature of about 205°F to dissolve the honey.

The color of the fireweed honey you receive will vary depending on the season the honey was harvested, the location of the fireweed plant, and because this honey is unfiltered. Fireweed honey collected earlier in the season (spring / summer) will usually be darker in color, has a stronger flavor, and is more nutrient-dense. The harvested fireweed honey in the fall is typically light golden in color and milder in flavor.

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