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Chaga mushroom (innonotus obliquus) is a fungus that grows primarily on live birch trees in cold climates. Acting as a cancer that will eventually kill the tree, chaga draws nutrients from the host tree that can be extracted and used for medicinal purposes.

This Alaska chaga is sustainably harvested from wild Alaskan birch trees near the Kahiltna Birchworks homestead in Alaska's Susitna Valley, and is an Alaska Grown product. Our pure, cold climate Alaska chaga - high in antioxidants - may be used as an anti-inflammatory and to boost the immune system.

There is a great deal of research on chaga. Evidence has been found to show that chaga, if extracted properly, may be effective against cancers and to decrease side effects of cancer treatments. While we make no such claims we do believe that chaga, known as an adaptogen, is energizing and may be effective in stimulating the body to heal itself. 

This cold-climate Alaska chaga, harvested in remote areas of Alaska, is free of environmental contaminants.

Appetite Suppressant

Replacing your daily dose of caffeine with chaga works the way green tea helps suppress your appetite and acts as a natural energy booster.

Appetite suppressants have been seen to have a substantial impact on weight reduction when dealing with obesity. Habitual overeating while binging shows or prolonged periods of inactivity leads to those extra pounds of weight.

Suggestions for use: For maximum benefit add 1 oz (10T) chaga to 8 cups of water. Bring to a boil, then simmer for up to two hours. Strain, refrigerate and drink cold or try Hot Chaga Chai! Add milk, cinnamon, ginger and birch syrup or honey to your hot cup of tea. Delicious mixed with coffee! Can also be lightly steeped as a flavorful and refreshing tea.

Made in Alaska. 4 oz.

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