Ghosts of Talkeetna

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Historic Talkeetna, Alaska, is a magical place. Here is where the Talkeetna, Susitna, and Chulitna rivers converge, where Mt. McKinley looms over the region, and where climbers rally to scale the big mountain. It is home to bush pilots and mountain guides, park rangers, innkeepers, school teachers, musicians, artists, dog mushers, chefs, and art gallery owners In its heyday, following a gold rush on the Sutsitna River in 1896, Talkeetna was the site o a riverboat steamer station that brought supplies to prospectors heading to their mining claims. Some of the gold-seekers died here. Despite changes that have overtaken Talkeetna in the several decades, there remains a connection between the present and the past - the ghosts who inhabit the small town, much of which is now a historical district. Author Sarah Birdsall and archaeologist Jonathan Durr have researched local ghosts whose stories are interwoven with Talkeetna's people, events, and sense of place This chilling assortment of ghost stories include "The Radiant Woman in White," "The Three German Bachelors' Cabin," "The Restless Climber," "The Beautiful Green House on Main Street," "The Man at the Late Night Bar," and the party that never ends at the historic Fairview Inn.

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