Alaska - Not for a Woman by Mary Carey

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Written by the famous Alaskan pioneer homesteader and Alaska's first woman senator.

About the Author

In 1962 Mary Carey, newly widowed, drove the Alcan alone from Texas to Alaska, where she would make herself a new life. And her life there-whether she’s been teaching in an eight-pupil pilot school in Talkeetna, flying Mt. McKinley with bush pilot Don Sheldon, or homesteading in the Alaskan wilderness-has been one of continuous pioneering. 

A crackerjack photojournalist-she obtained exclusive eyewitness coverage of the 1964 earthquake in Kodiak, Seward, and Valdez-Ms. Carey won five first prizes in an Alaskan Press Clubs contest in 1963. She did not re-enter the contest until 1974, at which time the lady walked off with three more first prizes. Previously, in 1955, she won the National True Story Award-a $5,000 prize. 

Mary Carey is owner and proprietor of Mary's McKinley View Lodge, which she built on her homestead in 1972. There she bakes sixty-four pies each day, welcomes guests, lectures to tourists, and somehow finds time for rock hunting and writing. 

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