Moose Alaska Steel Bottle Stopper

SKU: 52-0727

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This Moose Bottle Stopper will take your leftover wine or whiskey to the next level. These handcrafted designs are a unique way to show off your passion for wildlife... and drinking!

Ever hesitated on opening that second bottle of wine? No more. This Moose Bottle Topper is a great solution to preserving wine. Whether you're saving a bottle of wine for another night or adding some Alaskan flair to your bottle of whiskey, Blue Moose Metals has the tool you need.

These wine stoppers make the perfect gift for wine lovers and whiskey lovers when paired with a favorite bottle of wine or whiskey.

  • Made in Montana.
  • Laser Cut from THICC 10-gauge Steel.
  • Rustic Wood and Cork Stopper.
  • Fits most standard wine and liquor bottles.
  • Coated in clear lacquer to prevent rust.

NOT Dishwasher Safe.

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