Humpback Whale Plush 12"

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Dive into the deep blue sea with this cuddle ins Humpback whale stuffed animal and see where the current takes you. A real Humpback whale ranges from the 39 to 52 feet long and weighs around 79, 000 pounds.

This cuddle ins Humpback whale plush toy is a convenient size of 12 inches, making it perfect size to go anywhere. With this lifelike toy plush, you can imagine that you are exploring the ocean looking for a sunken ship or diving for treasure. The possibilities are endless when using imagination.

Gift these kids toys to a lover of ocean animals or sea creatures. No matter your age you can enjoy a cuddle ins plushier. These adorable stuffed animal toys look great in any room, whether it is Ocean themed or just a fun kids toy room.

Wild Republic has been developing animal plush and educational toys for kids of all ages since 1979, With unique specialization in realistic stuffed animals. After all, everyone loves a hug, so get or gift your hugger toy plush today.

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