Mittens for Kittens Plaid Catnip Toy

SKU: 63-0096

Sale price$6.95


CATNIP CAT TOY - This 5.5 x 2.25-inch catnip-infused plush toy is a bundle of feline fun, featuring irresistible catnip and a delightful crinkle sound. Your cat will be captivated, batting it around, pouncing with glee, and happily rubbing against it for hours on end. Packed with extra catnip, this small toy ensures your kitty stays engaged in playtime.

PLUSH KITTY TOY - Crafted from ultra-soft baby plush material, this stuffed toy is designed for maximum comfort and endless playtime. Every cat possesses natural predatory instincts, and this plush toy provide the perfect outlet to express these behaviors. They not only help alleviate boredom but may also help ease anxiety, ensuring your kitty's well-being and contentment.

PURR-FECT GIFT - Treat your furry friend to endless play with mittens for kittens and witness the joy it brings. Whether you have a kitten or a mature cat, this interactive toy is sure to provide endless amusement. This plushy, filled with catnip, also make perfect gift—making their Christmas extra special!

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