Salmon Print Blue AK Hawaiian Shirt

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The original Alaskan themed Hawaiian Shirt. Swim against the stream in this light-weight shirt. Don't worry, there are always more fish in the sea...

100% viscous.

About AK Aloha Co.:

Hawaiian shirts are undoubtedly an absolute staple in American fashion. Easily seen at backyard BBQs, breweries, birthday parties, retirement celebrations, luaus, golf courses, weddings, and countless other places. You can find Hawaiian shirts in every possible color and design, except for the ones exclusively from AK Aloha Co. These shirts are the only ones that are Alaskan themed. These are truly FUN shirts for FUN people.  

So who came up with this hair brained idea – me, Phil. I decided to be trendy one day and scoured the internet trying to find Hawaiian shirts that reminded me of Alaska. I had zero luck. I then decided that one day I will make some. You may think “that’s a random thing to look for then subsequently create.” Well, I was born and raised in Juneau, AK. Fishing is in my blood. I spent many years of my life on the water fishing and boating, later working at a fish hatchery.  In my youth I enjoyed all that Alaska and the Pacific Northwest had to offer. With my unwavering spirit for adventure, I joined the U.S. Coast Guard fresh out of high school at 18. Now almost  20 years later, I’m looking towards retirement. During my military career I was fortunate to travel the world, save some lives, and collect my own sea stories to tell the grandkids. The Coast Guard finally brought me to the East Coast where I currently live in Virginia with my 3 sons.  

I love everything there is about Alaska and I want to share it with youIf you are looking for a cool shirt, you came to the right place.  Be prepared that when you wear AK Aloha Co shirts for not only the questioning of your fashion sense and morals, but also the glares of envy from complete strangers.  

Take care and Enjoy!


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